Scent Escapism: Candle Edition

A top trend for 2021 is scent escapism! There are so many occasions when we would love to be somewhere else... it could be freezing cold weather outside and make us long to be somewhere warm and tranquil; feeling the bright sun on our skin. We could even be comforted with the aromas of our favourite foods... the list goes on.

Now more than ever with the current covid epidemic a moment of escapism is what we need for our mental health and that boost of positivity. What better way to escape than with scents. 

With smell being one of our main body senses, scent escapism can be a powerful tool. We can actually allow our body into think we are somewhere we are not, enhancing our experience of bliss, comfort and enjoyment.

Here is our scent escapism top list of scents you can escape with:

Fresh, crisp and just like a walk on a soft sandy beach! Our seaweed & juniper candle is perfect for experiencing moments of sea breeze and salty crisp air.

Ready to relax, unwind and restore? Our relax & unwind lavender candle is a dream. Made with 100% pure lavender essential oil that can relive headaches, reduce anxiety, stress, and even help aid sleep.

Indulge in sweet, luxurious aromas of cherries with our cherry noir candle. Or if you want to escape to vanilla bliss our classic vanilla candle smells just like fresh vanilla pods.

If you are wanting to create a sensual mood and warming ambience then you can scent escape with our sandalwood & black pepper candle. With notes of aromatic spice, citrus and exotic woods.

Scent escapism can take you to your most loved moments or even ones you have not made yet. Our lime, basil & mandarin candle releases soothing, aromatic, citrus notes so you can transcend into Caribbean or mediterranean bliss.

Discover your perfect candle and start your scent escapism journey!

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