Our Story

At Select Aroma our mission is to enhance your life and aroma. We understand that the modern day man and woman has a busy life and schedule and when you have time to relax and enjoy life you want to do so without problem.

Candles are a home essential, they bring light, joy and beautiful aromas... who doesn't love that? we know we do. At Select Aroma our passion is everything candles and our aim is to create and help you find the perfect one that you can enjoy.

Relax and enjoy carefully selected home scented candles that match your style, mood, occasion and decor.

All Select Aroma candles are made in Yorkshire and hand poured by loving hands.

We love to test new candle scents with a blend of fragrances, essential & organic oils and 100% soy wax. 

All of our candles are trialled in our sample tins until we have perfected the perfect aroma.

Our luxury candle jars are designed to be reusable, making them perfect for home, kitchen and bathroom storage or even as a flower vase, once you have enjoyed your Select Aroma candle.

Our candle jars are made from glass. They also feature thicker walls which means they are stronger and also encourage a better burn and fragrance release when the candle is lit.  All our candles are gifted in natural linen hessian bags which can be reused as gift bags or even used to plant flowers or mini plants in, the uses are endless.