How Candles Are The Key To The Hygge Lifestyle

Are you getting hygge? Do you love to snuggle up with a coffee and a good book, with a candle burning nearby? Are autumn and winter your favourite seasons of the year?

Without knowing it, you’re probably a fan of the hygge lifestyle. It’s a movement that is slowly taking over the world. Hygge – pronounced as “hyoo-guh”- comes from the Danish way of living that prioritises comfort above all else. During the pandemic, the lifestyle picked up momentum online as people looked for practical ways to reduce anxiety and create a lifestyle that finds joy in the simplicity of everyday life. Candles are a focal point of this lifestyle.


The popularity of the Hygge lifestyle

Hygge is all about getting that healthy dose of serotonin. While we often associate hygge with autumn, it’s a year-round lifestyle. It’s about creating rituals in your life that add joy to your day, even if it’s as simple as an oat latte or lighting your favourite unscented or scented, vegan, soy wax candle. 

If you open your Instagram and peek into the world of #hygge, you’ll find mountains of blankets, comforting candles, and steaming hot cocoa. The hashtag has over 7.5m posts on Instagram, giving you a peek into this cosy world. Hygge is all about creating an intimate and comfortable space that brings happiness to your day and improves your quality of life.

The hygge lifestyle is so popular that Disney even added a song dedicated to the lifestyle in their 2018 Frozen Broadway musical. The lyrics perfectly capture the lifestyle with, “hygge means comfortable, hygge means cozy, hygge means sitting by the fire with your cheeks all rosy”. Sounds pretty amazing, right?


How candles add to the Hygge lifestyle

At Select Aroma, we love the hygge lifestyle. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of the day or create a stress-free work from home environment. Candles are considered the easiest way of adding instant hygge to your life. Meik Wiking, in his best-selling book ‘The Little Book of Hygge’, said that “no recipe for hygge is complete without candles”. 

Adding a luxury scented candle to your home or office creates a sense of ‘hygge’ in your life. 85% of Danish people associate candles with hygge. The power of candles comes from the atmosphere that it creates, adding light to your space and a gentle glow. In Denmark, they add candles everywhere, from their boardrooms to bedrooms and classrooms. 

Candles offer a form of emotionally happiness and cosiness, giving you an instant serotonin boost. All you need to do is light a candle with your favourite scent to feel the stress drop off your shoulders. Our soy wax candle range encapsulates the hygge lifestyle, helping you relax while being kind to the environment.


You can explore our wonderful collections of scented, hand-poured hygge candles here. With autumn right around the corner, now is the time to embrace the hygge lifestyle. Let’s get cosy together with our handmade soy candles.


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