Candles The Perfect Gift

Candles are lovely to have in our home, they could be a treat for ourselves, a decorative touch or make the perfect gift. Candles can be gifts for so many occasions; celebratory or sympathy. Here are some events candles can be gifted for.

Birthdays are a great occasion for candles, especially if the recipient is a candle lover. If they love a sweet smelling aroma then we would recommend our Rhubarb & Gin Fizz. If the recipient prefers a lighter, floral aroma then our Honeysuckle & Elderflower is the perfect match. 

Christmas! Who doesn't love candles over the festive, winter months. Its our favourite time of the year and it is when we bring out our Winter Collection of beautiful smelling festive and much loved wintery scented candles. Our favourite is Merry Christmas, which captures the essence of Christmas in a candle. With notes of pine, citrus, jasmine, cinnamon, clove and ginger which gently descends onto a sensuous fond of woods and musk. It is sensational and enhances a room with everything Christmas.

Valentines Day, candles are always a much loved gift for our loved ones. Candles are a personal gift and provide that special moment when our valentine receives their luxury scented candle. They are extra special when they are gifted with ribbon and a special note.

Weddings are another spectacular occasion where candles rise up to expectation. Ideal as a wedding gift or even to have lit at the venue on the big day. Candles connect us with memories and what better occasion to create those treasured memories. 

Our final occasion where a candle can be gifted is a new job or career move. It is a time to celebrate and candles are suited to be gifted in times of celebration. Create a memorable moment by choosing a scent that the recipient loves, perhaps inspired from their favourite cocktail! Remember a gift note to congratulate them on their day of celebration!


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