Uses For Candle Jars

Candles are fantastic we all know that.. but what can we do after we have enjoyed our much loved candle?

Well there are many uses that are great and it also means we can upcycle and help reduce waste.

One use that candles jars can transform into are flower vases. We all love flowers so why not carry on the love and turn a candle jar into a vase where flowers can sit. They could be beautiful floristry flowers or little flowers stems from our garden, country walk or local park. Our clear glass candle jars are perfect as they don't take over a room and instead complement and enhance any room decor.

Following the flower theme, your empty candle jar could also be used as a small planter. Perfect size for housing spring bulbs or small succulents. Scatter a layer of small stones on the very bottom to allow for some drainage, add your soil, and plant your seed. Your tiny plant pots will add just the right element of greenery to your window sill.

Tealights, just place a tealight in and bring your empty candle jar back to life. They will sit sung inside and also catch any spillage. With a clear glass jar when lit, the flame with disperse light through the glass and create a chic and stylish look.

A toothbrush holder is another use for candle jars. Our candle jars are around 10cm tall so are the ideal size to be placed on a bathroom cabinet, sink or windowsill. They are also the right depth that allows your toothbrush to stand up tall and not stumble over.

Where to store stationary? use an empty candle jar. Place pens, pencils, scissors or even paint brushes in your jar and help keep your desk tidy.


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