The World Of Wonderful Scents

There is a whole world of wonderful scents that one can discover. Today there are more exotic, new and exciting candle fragrances than ever before so trying to select the perfect scented candle can be like entering a whole new world.

Our range of scented soy wax candles are carefully hand picked and curated to not only enhance your home with a wonderful aroma but also connect with you, relight old memories, emotions and feelings... and that's what make us love everything about a lovely scented candle.

One of our vegan candles that has a base note that will fill your room with a strong smooth aroma is our Belgian Chocolate Scented Candle. It is perfect to be lit on an evening or those who are wanting to create a sultry, calm and luxurious ambiance. It is also ideal to be lit over the winter months as it provides sweetness, bitterness and depth that smells indulgent, providing warmth to any room.

If you are looking for a more elegant and lighter aroma that is sensational not only on an evening but also throughout the day then our Honeysuckle & Elderflower Candle is perfect. An all day, any time candle is always a home essential as they can provide uplifting aromas that enhance your mood and also make your home smell delicious.

An increasingly popular theme in scented candles is our favourite alcoholic drinks. One that has shone through in recent years in gin.. it seems everyone loves it. One of our vegan scented candles from our cocktail collection is a Rhubarb & Gin Fizz which we adore and is very popular. The aroma of this candle is fruity, vibrant and light. With top notes of citrus and tartness from the rhubarb and then aromas of juniper from the gin. Ideal as a gift and really does bring celebration to any room.

What is so marvellous about scented candles is that each one connects with people different and is such a personal experience when selecting and lighting a scented candle. We love to bring happiness and that treasured experience that makes candles so special.

Enjoy the wonderful world of scents and enhance your home with a gorgeous scented soy wax candle that is vegan, comes in a natural linen hessian bag and delivered in our eco friendly candle box.


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